by Maric

OBT Thursday 4th Sept
Headstart 12th Sept
Launch 16th Sept

by Maric
If you enjoy open world PvP MMORPG and would like to help test an upcoming fantasy MMO I have a couple of keys. Game is in early stages, small budget but a major license.

Please only request if you honestly are a PvP fan. Post here and claim and as long as you're legit I'll get the info to you by tomorrow evening (Friday).


(When I say legacy, I mean you were a Member prior to this post being created) :P

by Aberrant
I am in love with this game. I have it for Xbox One, and just picked it up for PC.

Anyone playing?
by Zeli

Original story: Players of MMO ArcheAge have reported unauthorised transactions of $150 USD on their accounts, charged to them without permission by publisher Trion Worlds.

Numerous players on the ArcheAge forums have detailed automatic credit card and PayPal charges for the $150 Archeum founder's pack. Some players even report having never played or even heard of ArcheAge, but still being charged because they had previously played other Trion games such as Rift or Defiance.

This almost happened to me. I received an email from Trion stating that the gift of the Archeum Founders pack ($150) did not go through. I had my debit card saved in my account. I thought the e-mail was a fake and perhaps a phishing scam because I had the funds in my account so I don't know why it declined. I usually only keep enough money in that account for automatic bill pay so maybe I lucked out and a bill cleared before this attempt because the email stated that I didn't get charged. Then I began to worry that multiple "gifts" were purchased and that perhaps only this one declined. I did not use the links in the email. I went directly to the Trion website. I checked my Trion Account Transaction History to verify. I immediately changed my password and removed my card information from my Trion account and I have now added the Glyph Authenticator.

The hackers are accessing individual Trion accounts looking for any with a valid form of payment attached, and then gifting the ArcheAge Founder's Packs to themselves.

I highly recommend anyone with a Trion account (ArcheAge, Rift, Defiance, Trove, etc.) to add the Glyph Authenticator to their account:

More stories of this happening are posted on the ArcheAge reddit here:

ArcheAge (& Trion) have stated that "Trion Worlds' security has not been compromised in any way," and that "all players affected by fraudulent charges will be automatically refunded within the next few hours today." LINK:
by Maric
Ok so the guild I was running with in Alpha is very much still active. They just rehomed their website without telling me. :P

Very organized and super knowledgeable about all things Archeage. My experience has been very positive with them. They are very much like MP folk.

Website is now being driven by Enjin and their TS server is also launched by Enjin. TS is pretty much required with some exceptions. But during critical events like Trade Routes it is very necessary to be using TS to coordinate.

I spoke with Hawking, the guild lead and advised he might be seeing application from MP members.

Info on the guild here: Archeage Forums Greymoon Trading Co

Official Enjin site Greymoon Enjin Site

Easiest if you log into Enjin then goto the site. It's kind of wonky but I figured it out. If you do wish to Apply but have any trouble please let me know. Also if you apply and want to post your name here I will make sure Hawking knows you are a referral.

Any questions let me know!

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