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I know it's not for everyone and that's okay, but talking to yesterday made me realize people don't know the basics...

Basics like, it's free! FREE! You could buy an early-access pack. You can sub if you want, but you don't have to. You can play for free. Yes, there are benefits to paying. Is it a game that forces you to pay eventually? I don't know. I'm probably going to sub so I don't care.

Land has been claimed. Frustrating.... oh how could they not have seen this coming... But this is not a big deal. You have to be a patron (monthly subscriber) in order to own land. Anyone with an founders pack is considered a patron right now. After a month - three months, I suspect there will be lots of land becoming available as patron status changes. If you're not planning on paying or playing that long, then why do you care? I have a cottage sitting in my inventory. I'll be waiting to place it.

I highly recommend joining an organized group. I'm really enjoying Greymoon Trading Company (Server: Naima). They've organized a neighborhood for housing and farming. They run organized protected Trade Routes. They have dedicated crafters and gatherers and farmers collecting for the guild. I gave them my first small farm to use as they needed. I don't farm it at all. They never require that you do anything in game that you don't want to do, but the atmosphere is very "support the guild" and then the guild is able to support you. They're very strict about being a respected guild, and I really like that.

I found a decent mining area last night and I hope to hit that again tonight and send a nice package of stone off to our guild collector to distribute as needed.

You can also have families. and I are not currently in the same guild but we linked each other as family. Doing this allows us to change the permission on our farms and we can both use each other land. There's probably additional benefits. I'm still learning.

I hit 18 last night and I really need to gather up the courage to do my first Trade Run. I know GTC will help me but I'm a bit intimidated. I need to do it so I get over it. I really want to end up focusing on being security for Trade Runs so the sooner the better.

If you didn't get headstart, it launches tomorrow.

by Zeli
This Tuesday, every Tuesday, hooray for Tuesday!

Join us on Teamspeak around 9pm(ish) EST for a game or 3 of PvZGW!

Get the game:
Sometimes Amazon has it cheaper:

by Maric

OBT Thursday 4th Sept
Headstart 12th Sept
Launch 16th Sept

by Zeli
Yesterday I was planning on purchasing the cheapest package just to get the 4 days headstart. But my plan was to buy it on Steam... and I guess I've been a bit out of the loop lately because ArcheAge has been completely removed from Steam. There doesn't seem to be any official reason for this except an "error" that they're in talks with to get it fixed as soon as possible. That info was posted on August 27th. I'm really disappointed. I do not like Glyph after the unauthorized purchase attempt on my card happened after entering my information there. I added an authenticator now, but still... I feel better about Steam.

I may not make the 4 day headstart if it's not back on Steam in time.

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