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Slurms and I are starting a new gaming co-op blog called "Bind Point" and we'd like to invite you to be a contributing author. By having multiple authors, we share the responsibility of creating content. This ensures fresh posts for our readers and makes blogging more manageable for the sporadic or guest blogger.

If you have ever wanted to write a gaming blog, but perhaps don’t have the time to write regularly enough to maintain one, then Bind Point is for you. Start a weekly column, post a personal account of something that happened in a game, write a game review, or even post an open ended question about gaming philosophy. Bind Point is a collective look at gaming so anything goes.

I know many of you already have blogs of your own. If you ever want to guest post on Bind Point, that would be great. Highlight your blog or maybe branch out from your usual game-focus.

If you'd like to write about gaming, we'd love to share it on Bind Point. If you're interested, let us know by emailing and remember to provide the email address you would like associated as your wordpress-author. We’ll get you set up as soon as possible.

by Zeli
This year was my first year being a part of a stream team for Extra Life. As a part of the Alliance of Awesome team, we played and streamed video games for 25 hours in support of Extra-Life and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Local Children's Miracle Network Hospitals treat thousands of children each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay. My own son spent months in a children's hospital so this cause is very dear to me.

As it was my first year, I committed to 2 hours. As I also don't have a gaming-stream audience, I set my goal at $100. I was surprised to surpass that amount. I was able to raise $168.37. Altogether, the Alliance of Awesome team of 9 streamers raised a total of $1,728.

As many of us in Alliance of Awesome do not have the required popularity on Twitch to begin a team there, we discovered that we could create a team using Hitbox. This allowed us all to stream on one team page and made it easy for people to find which gamer was live at any point in the day.

This was our Alliance of Awesome Extra Life 2014 Team Schedule
Click on the streamer's name to visit their Hitbox page.

08:00 - 12:00 -- Stargrace
12:00 - 14:00 -- Arislyn
14:00 - 16:00 -- HiddenWings
16:00 - 19:00 -- Kodra
19:00 - 21:00 -- Zellibeli
21:00 - 23:00 -- Scopique
23:00 - 03:00 -- Belghast
03:00 - 05:00 -- Scarybooster
05:00 - 07:00 -- Cav

This morning, I'm already making mental notes for next year. I've started to realize some things I could have done to better promote and support this effort. Experience is a great teacher. I look forward to doing this again next year and hopefully I'll do an even better job at it.

Thank you to Alliance of Awesome for allowing me to be a part of this great cause. Thank you to everyone on the Alliance of Awesome team who generously donated their time to be a part of this. And of course, thank you to all who donated and took the time to watch the gaming streams throughout the day.

Special thanks to those who donated to me.
Michael Romano
Jason Hamel
Brian Scott
Kurt Salmoiraghi
Mark Moran
Get Your Geek On Radio Show
Stephanie Good
Chris Smith
And to those who donated anonymously.

What is Extra Life?

Extra Life Team Sign-up Page

Hitbox Team Page

Time Block Sign-Up Spreadsheet

by Zeli

Two thousand years ago, the citizens of Auroria fled their homeland after a catastrophic war. Now you stand poised to lead their glorious return.

The Conquest of Auroria opens a magical realm filled with limitless opportunity and dangerous new perils. Prepare to explore a new continent, dungeon, siege warfare, and more – all targeted for launch on November 4!

Claim and Conquer

Six new zones will open with the launch of Auroria and four will be available for a guild to claim and rule from the safety of their player-built castle. 30% more housing space will be available to players throughout these four claimable zones.

To claim one of the new zones, a guild leader must cleanse its Archeum Lodestone with a new Purifying Archeum trade pack. Cleansing the Lodestone designates them as Lord and gives them power over the zone’s land. The Lord’s guild may then construct a castle to surround the Lodestone, protecting it from would-be usurpers. (The designs for individual castle sections can be purchased on Mirage Isle.) Each Lord collects property taxes in the form of gold from all individuals who build in their zone and can also destroy any dwellings erected within their castle’s walls.

Periodically, a siege declaration item for each zone will appear on the Auction House and the highest bidder will win the rights to siege that specific zone’s Lodestone at a designated time. If victorious, that guild’s leader will claim the title of Lord, all of the accompanying powers, and become the new owner of the zone’s castle (or what remains of it!).

New Dungeon, Vehicles, and More

• Serpentis, an end-game dungeon intended for 10 players, debuts with the launch of Auroria – though only the strongest and bravest adventurers should seek to enter its dreaded halls!
• New elite enemies and field bosses will emerge from their lairs to challenge intrepid souls hungry for great rewards.
• The Farm Wagon will be available for construction! A double upgrade over the Farm Cart, this vehicle can hold a total of four trade packs for maximum trade route efficiency.
• Finally, the Steamfish Submarine will swim into availability. Build your own and dive into a new era of stylish underwater exploration!

A Way Home

Long ago, twelve adventurers discovered the Garden, the source of all magic in the world of Erenor. Granted phenomenal powers, some became great Heroes blessed with immense strength and magical might, while others ascended to the status of Gods. Such great power was not without cost, and the toll on their minds, rivalries, and hearts eventually split the friends into warring factions. It was at this time that Kyrios, the God of Destruction, led his undead Crimson Army in a bloody conquest across the continent of Auroria.

Unable to stop the Crimson Army’s advance, an alliance of Gods and Heroes united to stop their former friend. Three Heroes, Aranzeb, Tahyang, and Melisara, lured Kyrios to the Garden and sacrificed their lives to keep him trapped inside. Meanwhile, Nui, the Goddess of Death and the Hereafter, gave her life to open a magic portal through which the people of Auroria could escape the destruction of their homeland. The entrance to the Garden was then sealed, trapping Kyrios inside. However, with the vital link to its magic severed, Auroria turned into a barren wasteland.

Now, two thousand years later, Auroria’s exiled races have discovered a way to restore the continent’s magic using Archeum. The time fast approaches for Nuians, Harani, Firran, and Elves to journey to Auroria and reclaim their ancestral homeland!


by Zeli

Server Address :
Current Status : UP


The server will be kept as vanilla survival as possible with very few exceptions for protections, a basic economy, and minor conveniences:

The list of very few yet really awesome plugins:

Essentials – homes and teleporting
Residence – self-serve area protection MORE
ChestShop – buy/sell things with chests and signs MORE
Lockette – door/chest protection MORE
Voicechat: Please use our Teamspeak

Server Twitter: @aofa_Minecraft

List of Useful Commands and TP locations

Server Rules
Breaking these rules will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

No Griefing - Breaking or placing blocks within another players clearly defined area is strictly prohibited. Altering another person's build in any way is strictly prohibited.
No Client Mods/Exploits - Client modifications or exploits to the game are not allowed.
Common sense - This is a game, be respectful, have fun, don't rage, don't harass people, etc.

Where can I build?
The spawn is protected. Outside of that, you are free to build as you please as long as it isn't in another payers clearly marked territory.

How to define an area as my clearly marked territory
Put a wall/fence around it. If there's a wall/fence around something, you should leave the area alone. You can visit it, but you cannot move, add. or break any blocks. You should not kill animals inside the area. You should not lure/ride animals outside of this area. Someone claimed the territory. Leave it alone. Although some of this is not considered a bannable offense, it still makes you a jerk and you're going to lose friends.

How can I set a home?
Homes act as save points to which you can teleport. You get one /home. which can be set by entering /sethome and can be accessed by typing /home.

How do I protect myself?
We have 2 plugins to help you lock your chests and protect your animals that will help protect your things from looters/murderers.

Looting unlocked chests is allowed if they're out in the open, but locking your chests is simple and easy.

I found an unlocked chest. Can I loot it?
Yes. Locking is trivial. You can create a [Private] sign or claim a residence. As a result, there shouldn't be any unlocked chests unless they're free-use. There's no excuse to not have yours locked if you don't want to share. Lock your stuff! Note: while looting an unlocked chest is allowed, you can not break a structure to get to it. That would be griefing. You can only open an unlocked door or find one in the open.

People can get on each other's nerves. It happens. Chat is not moderated, but typing /ignore <playername> will prevent that particular player's chat and messages from showing on your screen. If you are approving a minor for play and someone has a history of using unacceptable language, you may want to /ignore them from your minor's account. If you don't want to be ignored, then don't use offensive language.

by Zeli
For some time has been talking about doing this, and thanks to Hitbox offering the ability to create teams, it might be a possibility to actually get this started. As a result went ahead and registered an Alliance of Awesome Extra Life team, and has created a spreadsheet to track sign-ups for the marathon. If folks take two to three hour blocks of stream time this will be manageable. The hope is to get some of our euro friends to take some of the non-US prime-time hours. Worse case scenario some of the night owls can hopefully fill in those blocks of time. 25 hours of gaming is a wholly insurmountable task for one, but if we take 2-3 hours at a time we can do it extremely well.

What is Extra Life?

Extra Life Team Sign-up Page

Hitbox Team Page

Time Block Sign-Up Spreadsheet

You all should have the ability to edit your time blocks.

Here is hoping this works well!

Multiplaying is a casual gaming community of adults that are gaming as life allows.

We invite you to be a part of the community! Simply register and participate in discussions & game with us.

Multiplaying Teamspeak

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